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Parental Wellbeing Support using Coaching and Therapeutic Techniques.

We offer you a Therapeutic Parenting and Wellbeing coaching service using therapeutic techniques to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout, build resilience, and develop a growth mindset for your own well-being and happiness.
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We can help you with:
  • Interrupting & Preventing Compassion Fatigue.
  • Supporting families experiencing child to parent violence.
  • Therapeutic Parenting.
  • Wellbeing, mindset & finding your authentic self.
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How can you benefit from our services?
Pink tree The Haven Parenting and Wellbeing Centre Logo
Pink tree The Haven Parenting and Wellbeing Centre Logo
Pink tree The Haven Parenting and Wellbeing Centre Logo
Pink tree The Haven Parenting and Wellbeing Centre Logo
Pink tree The Haven Parenting and Wellbeing Centre Logo

Understand your child’s developmental age in particular their emotional and experiential age.

Knowing when to use specific language and therapeutic parenting strategies which takes into account their  developmental needs and early life experiences can help you connect with your child,  manage emotions, and encourage co-regulation.

Develop confidence as a parent with therapeutic strategies tailored to your child's needs.

Know that different strategies may work better for each child based on their experiences, abilities, and character. You will gain confidence in choosing and implementing effective strategies to improve your therapeutic parenting toolkit.

Acquire de-escalation techniques to manage aggressive and violent behaviour and ensure the safety of your child, others, and yourself.

This can be a difficult and sometimes a frightening experience, you will gain knowledge of techniques to diffuse the situation and experience a pyscho-sensory technique called Havening to aid in this process by reducing stress levels and promoting resilience.


The ability to identify and prevent compassion fatigue.

You'll get to know your own resilience levels and learn how to prevent compassion fatigue. With a helpful toolkit of coaching and therapeutic techniques, you'll be able to focus on your own wellbeing and happiness in a sustainable way.


A coach who can relate to your experience and empathise with your situation.

All of our team have had first-hand experience of therapeutically parenting children with either trauma backgrounds or neurodiverse characteristics. We get how hard it can be at times. 


Life, Wellbeing & Happiness Coaching Client.

“Incredible Havening Session! I never thought it would make such a difference, I feel so much better and no longer feel anxious about that particular situation. Thank you.”


3 Steps to Connect™ Package for child to parent violence.

“The Effects of our session are remarkable so far, it is a bit like I'm seeing my child's negative behaviour through the wrong end of a telescope; It is close enough to be able to deal with it practically, but too far away to cause and emotional reaction.”


Corporate Wellness Package. 

“The package has helped our staff considerably, the havening element has had a positive impact on them.. Our staff seem more relaxed and focused on their work.”
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