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These JOURNAL CARDS go beyond being mere affirmation cards for adults; they embody women empowerment and make perfect gifts for journaling enthusiasts. They can also kick-start conversations and offer positive affirmations to inspire and guide your writing journey effortlessly.

With diverse themed sections covering dreams & goals, reflections, and gratitude, our versatile cards act as self-affirmation tools and positive affirmation cards. Each section is thoughtfully curated to enhance your self-care routine, transforming them into a holistic wellness guide rather than just spiritual cards.

Each of the 36 beautifully designed cards features a unique journal prompt paired with a heartfelt affirmation.

These cards have a multitude of uses, serving as inspirational cards for women, therapy aids, and mantra cards. Whether you're looking for daily affirmations, meditation aids, or stress relief tools, the journal cards cater to various needs, making them a perfect gift or a personal treasure.

Journal prompts

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