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Meet the team
Team Member Emma Edwards
Emma Edwards
Family Wellness Consultant Specialising in Therapeutic Coaching.

Emma is an EFT Practitioner and Mindfulness Teacher. She is an experienced parenting coach delivering workshops to groups of parents and also and promoting healthy sleep routines. She specialises in supporting individuals through the adoption process and works with individuals and families to encourage clients to work towards their personal development goals. Emma uses mindfulness as a tool to enable clients to develop their authentic selves.
S Penna.jpg
Sair (Sarah) Penna
Family Wellness Consultant Specialising in Therapeutic Coaching.

Sair is a qualified Coach, NLP practitioner, Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner, an Accredited Practitioner with the Foundation for Infant Loss Training, Mental Health First Aider who has a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies. At The Haven, she works with clients to promote parental mental health, the prevention of parental compassion fatigue and support families through therapeutic parent coaching.
Team Member Dave Edwards
Dave Edwards
Family Wellness Consultant specialising in Conflict Management, De-escalation & Therapeutic Coaching.

Dave is a Conflict Management & Point-of-Impact Crisis Intervention Trainer. He works within Family Services specialising in enabling parents with the knowledge and implementation of de-escalation strategies, and supports parents and agencies in cases of child on parent violent. Dave specialises in men’s mental health, empathic listening, and therapeutic parenting strategies to support those he works with on the 3 Steps to Connect programme.
Team Member Lydia Pask
Lydia Pask
Trauma-Informed Art Therapist & Havening Practitioner.

Lydia is a qualified Art Therapist and Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner who has worked both in the UK and in New Zealand with Children and Young People who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences. (ACEs) Lydia is also skilled in using Therapeutic Parenting strategies throughout her therapy, to support the parent and child to connect with each other.  By forming a trusting relationship within a safe environment with the therapist, the child can use art materials as a mode of self-expression and communication when words are too hard.
Team Member Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson
Family Wellness Consultant specialising in Health & Wellness Coaching.
Amy is a qualified Social worker, and a Foster parent, Adopter and Researcher. A passionate self-care advocate, she runs a health and wellness business and is co-director of a social enterprise about emotional well-being. Amy has worked extensively with families & individuals, helping empower them to make changes in their lives before a crisis. Raising awareness, and promoting self-care are at the centre of all she does.
Team Member Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor
Therapeutic Parenting Coach, Social worker and Practice Educator for Social Work Students.
Laura is a qualified social worker with over 14 years experience working with children in care. She is now working independently as a social worker, therapeutic parenting coach and practice educator for social work students, ensuring they are trauma informed! Laura is also a mum to two boys, a crazy spaniel and enjoys running and cooking with her home grown veg. 
Team Member Mary-Joy Johnson
Mary-Joy Johnson
Qualified integrative psychotherapist and adoption support counsellor.
Mary-Joy  is the founder, director and clinical lead for Wildways Therapy.  She is a qualified integrative psychotherapist and adoption support counsellor.. She has over 15 years of personal experience within her own adoptive family and within the adoptive community.  She specialises in supporting the ‘care-giving system’ around the child, centring the parent/carer’s emotional and psychological needs as my primary focus and priority, but as part of a wider picture of family wellbeing, particularly where that family has high need.
Team Member Jessica Spenceley
Jessica Spenceley
Therapeutic Social Worker, TBRI® Practitioner, and Founder of Nurtured Belonging
Jessica is a therapeutic social worker with over 20 years of experience helping adoptive parents navigate their parenting journeys.  Using the attachment-based, trauma-informed parenting approach of TBRI®, Jessica empowers parents to become a strong parenting base for their children so they can heal from early adversity and trauma.  Clients go from feeling unsure and stuck in their parenting to feeling proactive and empowered with skill sets that allow them to parent with more compassion and ease. 
Team Member Mark Long
Mark Long
Personal Trainer and fitness coach, and founder of The Coach House.
Mark is a personal trainer and fitness coach who has over 23 years experience within the fitness industry. Working with a variety of clients, ranging from those starting their fitness journey up to professional athletes. Mark has a passion for delivering bespoke fitness programs, ensuring each journey is as individual as you are.  With Marks vast breadth of experience within the industry, you can be assured that your fitness journey will be not only be successful but most importantly enjoyable.
Team Member Nicola Crabb
Nicola Crabb
Holistic Massage Therapist.
Nicola is a holistic massage therapist originally based in London, where she gained over 10 years experience in massage therapy whilst training and working across North West London and beyond. 
Focusing her efforts on women's health and well being
Nicola has developed a unique method using a combination of tried and tested techniques to offer a tailored service to her clients. 
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