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Trauma-Informed Art Therapy Sessions.

Has your child experienced Trauma? Do they struggle with emotional regulation?

Our resident Trauma-Informed Art Therapist supports both the parent and child within this Holistic Art Therapy session.

Art Therapy can be used with children and adults and provides a therapeutic foundation for the client to express their thoughts and feelings through creativity. In working with children who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences, we work alongside Journeys Art Therapy.

We enable a trauma-informed approach to support children to express emotions and relieve anxiety and stress. By forming a trusting relationship within a safe environment with the Therapist, the child can use art materials as a mode of self-expression and communication when words are too hard.

Package Details:

Times: 1-hour sessions.

Cost: £100 per session.

Location: In person, Gloucestershire.

Payment terms: Payment can be made in full or on a monthly payment plan.

Paint Pallet Trauma Informed Art Therapy
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