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Relationship Coaching

As an alternative to Relationship Counselling, our Relationship Coaching package will help you to explore solutions to problems in the relationship, and set goals for you as individuals, and also for you as a couple to achieve a positive outcome in your relationship.

How it works.

Couples have a series of sessions throughout the process which follows the 3 Steps to Connect model. Each partner is assigned a coach to support them through the process, it is important for you to be heard, and your feelings validated, this is also useful when establishing individual goals and maintaining your progress.

The first session consists of a 60-minute introduction meeting, in this session you will meet your coaches, and establish the issues in your relationship which you want to resolve. The second session consists is an opportunity for you to talk out those issues with your coach, find some practical solutions and identify triggers which may be there.

The third session consists of the use of a pyschosensory technique called Havening which helps to remove triggers to events and builds confidence and resilience.

The fourth session focuses on you as a couple, and your coaches will be present to advocate and support you through the process if needed. You will have the opportunity to open up discussions about your relationship, raise issues and form solution-focused goals. This can then be reviewed in 4 weeks if required.

Package Details:

Times: 6 x 90-minute sessions

Cost: £850

Location: Sessions are held online via video call (either TEAMs or Zoom dependent on clients’ preference)

Payment terms: Payment can be made in full or on a monthly payment plan.

Please note: A minimum of 6 sessions are required which comprises of 2 individual sessions each, one to include a Havening session, and 2 sessions as a couple with coaching support throughout. Any additional sessions will be charged at £100 per session.

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The Haven Parenting and Wellbeing Centre Ltd is here to help with family wellbeing solutions. We understand that strengthening your relationship and creating a happy home is essential for the wellbeing of your entire family. Our family wellness consultants are here to help you and your partner create a plan and work towards achieving a harmonious life.

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