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Therapeutic Parent Coaching Package.

Therapeutic Parenting is a deeply nurturing way of parenting, with strong boundaries and structure.

Through our unique coaching programme, we will support you to encompass therapeutic parenting, reinforce your resilience and enable you to find ways to implement self-care and make time for yourself.

Therapeutic Parenting is a deeply nurturing way of parenting, with strong boundaries and structure. Using the elements of PACE -Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (Daniel Hughes) coupled with the PARENTS model (Sarah Naish 2018) which provides emotional regulation for the parent as well as the child in order to regulate both, it supports attunement in order to meet the child's needs.

Therapeutic Parenting is based on principles of attachment and neuroscience, the strategies used within this help to create new pathways in the brain to support the child's learning and understanding of life. 


Mother and Child embracing with a hug

Coaching is a way to help parents develop their therapeutic parenting skills, so they can become their child's reliable source of emotional support. Our therapeutic parent coaches will guide you through the principles of therapeutic parenting and show you how to put them into practice. When a child misbehaves, it's their way of communicating their needs. Our coaches help you understand the root cause of the behaviour, so you can resolve the underlying issues. We also offer sessions that combine coaching with Havening Techniques® (at an additional cost), which can help you remove triggers associated with child-related behaviour. This can help you respond logically to your child, instead of reacting negatively, and reduce the emotional charge between you and your child, creating an opportunity for connection.

Package Details:
Sessions: 1 x 90-minute session per week for 6 weeks.
Cost: £650 per person.
Location: Sessions are held online via video call, using either Teams or Zoom, depending on your preference.
Payment Terms: Payment can be made in full or on a monthly payment plan. All sessions must be booked in advance.

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